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The Pony Nursery is a new, innovation and fresh concept for young child education in Abu Dhabi. The Nursery follows an European concept in preparing young kids for the early steps into their life.

The Pony Nursery system is based on the following principles:

  • Respect  -  we show respect for oneself, for each other and the environment.
  • Responsibility -  we show responsibility for our own actions and for each other and the environment.
  • Community - kids, teachers, parents and community are interactive and work together.


The Team

We have experienced Teachers, Nurses and Helpers. Our staff has worked in Nurseries or Kindergarten since many years and understands the needs of children in their early phases of life. We would like to introduce you personally to our team at Pony Nursery and you are welcome at the nursery any time.


The Facility

Our facility is equipped with the best equipment and is following European Health and Safety Standards. We have the best toys available on the market and you will find the leading toy brands in the classrooms.  We have a full time certified Nurse in the Nursery and our facility is located close to the main hospitals in Khalifa City-A in case medical assistance would be needed.